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A Practical, Agenda Drawn From Experience

Our agenda is proudly practical, advising you on the whole . process from first contact to post-interview.

One key difference between Interview Savvy and other media training – we focus on content: what to say and how to best say it.  We’ll find and refine your best examples, stories and calls to action. And yes, we’ll give you some tricks of the trade.

Because everyone comes to Interview Savvy with differing needs, skills and confidence we keep things flexible

Dealing with journalists from start to finish

Preparing for FAQs

Finding your best stories & examples

Understanding & connecting to your audience

Staying on message, regardless of the question

Sound human

Moving from telling to persuading

Apologising / acknowledging blame

Keeping control

Making & taking talkback calls

Dealing with nerves

Dealing with hostile interviews

Making opening remarks that count

Lots of rehearsal based on your specific issues

Lots of examples good and bad

Being quotable

Being quotable

Being quotable

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