Media Training
in Melbourne

What is Interview Savvy Media Training About?

Interview Savvy media training in Melbourne gives you the skills and confidence to handle media interviews with aplomb.

This fun, practical, supportive media training workshop – backed up with unlimited coaching – has been delivered by former journalist and publicist Brett de Hoedt to CEOs, professional athletes, scientists and celebrities. Now it’s your turn.

Media training should leave you knowing what to expect and give you a base of messages, examples, stories and techniques you can use again and again. 

Don’t wait – invest in yourself and enjoy the rewards.

Who is media training for?


CEOs, board members and senior managers who need to deal with media with aplomb in good times and bad.


Professionals, entrepreneurs and commentators seeking a thought leadership position and a profile boost.


Patrons, cause ambassadors and spokespeople who need to persuade and inspire.

Media Training in Melbourne


Interview Savvy Media Training is a challenging, practical media workshop backed-up with unlimited coaching.


Reach more people, with less effort, at less cost than any other option.

Be a Leader

Enjoy the credibility & influence that media coverage bestows.


Lose those media-inspired nerves that hold you back.

Damage Control

Be prepared for media scrutiny whether you run an airline, bank or big four consultancy (or an ordinary enterprise).


Media will boost your sales, career, influence, campaigns and profile.


Refine what you have to say and how you say it. Uncover your best examples, definitions and explanations before you need them.

Media Training Course


Interview Savvy media training is Melbourne’s challenging, practical media training workshop backed-up with unlimited coaching.

We won’t tell you what to wear, instead we look at:

Dealing with journalists from start to finish

Finding your best stories & examples

Finding your best stories & examples

Understanding & connecting to your audiences

Understanding & connecting to your audiences

Understanding & connecting to your audiences

Media Training Course

About Me

Since 1999 media and communications trainer Brett de Hoedt has trained thousands of Australians working with organisations including: Red Cross Australia, WWF, Australian Conservation Foundation, Berry Street, World Vision, City of Melbourne, dozens more LGAs, Sustainability Victoria, peak bodies, industry associations and unions.

He was invited by Al Gore to keynote at the former Vice President’s Climate Reality event about the role of media to 550 delegates from around the world.

He spent several years as a talk radio broadcaster and producer on 3AK and as a contributor on ABC 702 Perth. In 2015 he returned to radio on Melbourne’s station 3MP. In 2020 his podcast The Hardest Word won a Best Interview gong at the Australian podcast awards.

As a print journalist he has written for New Idea, Truth, The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald, and trade publications. He has interviewed everyone from Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten to George Clooney and Elle MacPherson. He has written opinion pieces published in the Sydney Morning Herald, The Herald Sun, The Age and more.

Through his consultancy Hootville Communications Brett has trained CEOs entrepreneurs, professional athletes, sex workers, people with intellectual disabilities and people for whom English is a second language. He has trained people to discuss issues as complicated as police shootings, prostitution, international aid and why it’s smart to take the Skybus to Melbourne Airport.

He is a dynamic and challenging trainer who receives rave reviews and has amassed an enthusiastic following on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and the like.

My Clients

These are just a few of the clients with whom I’ve built long-term relationships.

Media Training

Why Me?

Unlike other public speaking courses Presentation Savvy comes with three levels of follow-up coaching.

Media Plan

Your PR plan will outline your areas of expertise, key messages and key media opportunities. It will take into account your upcoming campaigns, initiatives, conferences, product launches and outline the media possibilities. This short, sharp, simple document will be created in conjunction with participants who opt for the Interview Savvy 52 option.


We know our Interview Savvy media training workshop gets results. That’s why if you invest yourself in our workshop, notes and follow-up coaching but don’t improve your media skills we will give you your money back. What other media trainer is offering you that?


A great workshop is one thing; ongoing improvement is another. That’s why we deliver a period of unlimited follow-up coaching – 12, 26 or 52 weeks. Call Brett to prepare for the media interview you secure and receive specific advice, message development and rehearsal before your moment in the spotlight. Wouldn’t it be good to know that this was on tap?

How we work

Brett trains groups of all sizes and persuasions across Australia.

He is trained CEOs, board members, professional athletes, scientists, young people with intellectual disabilities, people with mental illness, priests, sex workers, people for whom English is a second or third language, asylum seekers and celebrities. He can probably handle you and your needs.

While nothing has the impact of face-to-face Brett regularly trains via Zoom.


A private session allows you more time to develop messages about your specific issues and more rehearsal time


A private session allows you more time to develop messages about your specific issues and more rehearsal time


If you have more than a couple of people who could benefit from media training you book a private session for your whole team.


A private session allows you more time to develop messages about your specific issues and more rehearsal time

"You will be pleased to know that you rated second only to Al Gore."


Adam | Climate Reality Australia Manage
Australian Conservation Foundation